Laguna Beach, CA – Dornin Investment Group has installed “Dawn Patrol” a trio or redwood pelicans riding a titanium wave at their Coast Liquor historical restoration on the corner of PCH and Mountain in Laguna Beach.  This comes just one month after the unveiling of “Journey” a 65’ long bronze ribbon dancing in the wind at the launch of the ArtLofts work/live development in the canyon.  These sculptures represent the culmination of the two legacy developments, hours of planning, engineering and artistic creation and are important contributions to the Art in Public Places inventory of Laguna Beach.  

“Dawn Patrol” is the work of sculptor Casey Parlette.  The piece projects off the northern wall of the Mid-century modern Coast Liquor by Chris Abel, restored by Dornin Investment Group and encompasses a coastal spirit and materials that nod to the original redwood siding.  A wonder of engineering, the birds bronze wings gracefully soar past the curling titanium wave.  Casey witnessed pelicans surfing many times when he previously worked as a Laguna Beach Lifeguard stating  “they may be some of the best surfers of all time”. 

Floating on the ocean breeze outside the 28 studio ArtLofts development “Journey” mimics the highs and lows of resident artist Louis Longi’s personal journey to see the project come to fruition.  According to Louis “this sculpture is a true reflection of the 17-year journey that been a challenge with so many uncertainties but ends with a great accomplishment of beauty that provides artists with a home that will harness their creativity within a community.” Highlighting the main entrance of the dynamic collaborative artist housing project and visible from inside the main gathering space, the piece speaks to the ebb and flow of all artistic pursuits and life itself.  Cast in solid silicon bronze with Louis’ signature style, the 2.5’ wide and 3-5’ high ribbon connects delicately to concrete podium to give the impression that it could sail away on a stiff gust.   

Art In Public Places is a requirement of the Laguna Beach Municipal Code that integrates artistic perspective in tandem with developers and design professionals to enhance the character of the built environment.  The program allows developers the opportunity to pay an in-lieu fee to the city’s art fund or curate a unique piece to captivate the hearts and minds of Laguna locals and visitors.   Dornin Investment Group continues to express its commitment to the community where it was founded by working closely with artists to commission top tier artworks in conjunction with its thoughtful development efforts.  Plans are already in the works for a new piece as part of the historical restoration of the Coast Inn Hotel.