Courtney Beckwith

Marketing & Event Planning

Courtney Beckwith’s journey seamlessly weaves through the realms of sportsmanship, education, and creative pursuits, culminating in her role as a vital member of the Dornin Investment Group team overseeing marketing and corporate event planning.

As a former Division I student-athlete in soccer at the University of North Dakota, Courtney honed not only her athletic prowess but also her leadership skills, serving as the team captain for an impressive three years. This experience laid the groundwork for her commitment to teamwork and excellence, qualities she continues to infuse into her professional endeavors.

Following her academic triumphs, Courtney transitioned into a decade-long career as an educator, leaving an indelible mark on countless students. However, her insatiable thirst for creative expression led her to embark on a new chapter. Courtney immersed herself in the world of artistic storytelling, illustrating captivating children’s books and establishing herself as an independent artist. Simultaneously, she embraced the world of fitness as a certified Barre3 instructor, embodying the balance between physical well-being and artistic passion.

Today, Courtney brings her rich tapestry of experiences to the Dornin Investment Group, where she serves as a linchpin in managing multiple social media platforms, overseeing branding initiatives, crafting compelling graphic designs, and orchestrating innovative marketing campaigns. Her diverse skill set seamlessly aligns with the group’s vision, creating a powerful synergy between creativity and strategic branding.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Courtney is a well-connected community member in Laguna Beach, fostering meaningful relationships that intertwine with Dornin Investment Group’s future ventures. Her extensive network serves as a testament to her ability to bridge connections and drive collaborative success.

In every facet of her journey, Courtney Beckwith exemplifies the spirit of versatility, leadership, and creativity, making her an invaluable asset in shaping the narrative and future success of the Dornin Investment Group.